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Aura Dome™ is truly unique, natural, elegant, and efficient – this structure is everything! Aura Dome™ is an entirely new type of dome for personal or business use. The remarkably light and sleek design, resulting from engineering and creativity open new possibilities of interacting with the environment. Aura Dome™ gives the ability to enjoy nature in the most comfortable way.

It is our well-developed technology for the construction of frameless dome-shaped buildings. Thanks to the properties of the materials used and the unique construction, it is possible to build domed buildings out of 2-3 mm panels without using any reinforcing frame. Furthermore, we can build transparent, thin-walled structures with polycarbonate, which can withstand wind and snow loads.

AURA Dome™ Product line
AURA Dome – transparent pavilion

 Our iconic transparent dome, featuring all the benefits of Aura technology. It can be built to up to 12m (39ft) in diameter.

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AURA Dome – semitransparent pavilion

Combination of transparent Aura and opaque plywood or metal sheets. It can be built to up to 12m (39ft) in diameter.

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AURA Shelter Dome

Part of regular Aura Dome – a modern take on a classic shelter. It can be built to up to 12m (39ft) in diameter.

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AURA Bubble Sphere

Bubbly structure, built using unique Aura technology. Comes in 3 sizes: 2.4m (8ft), 3m (10ft) & 3.5m (11ft) in diameter.

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AURA Glamping Pod

Luxurious dome for luxurious camping. Comes with all the necessary amenities. A combination between Aura and STAR technologies. It can be built to up to 12m (39ft) in diameter.

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AURA Alpine Cabin

The shelter-like structure, can withstand the harsh climate and extreme conditions. It comes in a single size – 3.6m (12ft) in diameter.

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AURA Pool Enclosure

Our AURA Pool Enclosure design is popular among our hospitality sector clients and hot tub and pool owners. It not only protects from leaves and dust, but also creates a shelter from wind and rain. Now you can enjoy your swimming pool at any weather. In colder climates it extends the pool season at least two months. Isn’t it great? 

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Aura Terrace

Modular wood deck base terrace for any size and shape Aura. Different materials and types to choose from.

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Fully transparent. Frameless polycarbonate structure – 360° view experience.

UV resistant. The polycarbonate is UV resistant which means furniture and your belongings are safe even on a very sunny day.

Robust. Doesn’t break, withstands high loads of wind, water, sand and snow. Thanks to its geometry, AURA Dome remains stable, robust, and resistant to any environmental conditions.

A Two-way sound isolated. Polycarbonate is a transparent glass-like soundproofing barrier.

Micro ventilation. There are tiny air gaps between plates in the size of a few mm, which make Aura breathe infinitely. Still, Aura remains water, wind, sand or snow resistant.

AURA Dome Cover:

We determine the Aura Dome cover and its thickness according to the geolocation of the building (Wind and Snow Loads) and its purpose (Standard hardness or Antivandal).

  • TRANSPARENT – We use clear, monolithic polycarbonate, but other materials can be used, as long as they have the same stiffness, strength, resistance to atmospheric effects, and UV.
  • SEMI-TRANSPARENT – clear polycarbonate combined with aluminum composite or laminated, waterproof plywood. (Mix of transparency, colors, maturity, plywood or bond plate).
  • BLACKOUT – aluminum composite or laminated, waterproof plywood. Transparent parts are available. (Made solely out of or combination between plywood and bond plate. Can be mixed with transparent polycarbonate).
Aura Dome cooling & heating:

Since the dome shell is assembled from separate polycarbonate segments and every single of them are slightly bent, miniature gaps occur facing towards the ground. This ensures that even without any windows, (or windows in closed position) the air inside the dome would circulate and change over time. Segments are connected to each other in a fish skin manner, so waterproofing is guaranteed.

Air conditioner – Aura Dome can be equipped with a simple consumer type AC conditioner. Thanks to the dome’s geometry, which evenly distributes air inside for a fast air cooling effect. For larger domes (8m in diameter and above), professional AC systems can be applied. This can be necessary for tropical regions or high activity spaces like dome-shaped cafes or restaurants.

Infrared heater – one of the most efficient heating types is infrared heating. They are mostly used in domes when space is used not all day long. The heater only heats surfaces, things and people in the coverage area (radiance heat transfer). The heat effect is instant since surface heating is way more efficient than heating all the inside air (convective heat transfer). Heater is usually installed on the top of the door jamb, facing the dome’s center.

Any other heating/cooling systems are available.

Aura Dome windows:

We provide flooring solutions made out of hexagon-shaped wood modules. Modules are made out of wood frames covered with coniferous wood planks. Modules are connected with metal tripods and leveling is achieved with adjustable height legs. This type of flooring is easy and quickly assembled.

Aura Dome doors:

Dome comes with a stainless steel door jamb which has a lifetime guarantee. The door jamb is very stable, elegant and rust-free. It is equipped with a safe laminated clear glass door. It also includes stainless steel hinges, handle and lock. The standard door entrance width is 941mm.

What we can do:
Custom Design,
Supervisor support.
Why choose Aura Dome:
Exclusive, futuristic, but minimalistic design
Large selection of sizes and shapes
Fully frameless and transparent
Long lasting product
Withstand harsh conditions (snow, wind, rain, etc.)
Options for transparency
Warranty / After warranty service
Most popular Aura Dome sizes (different sizes available):
Diameter, m (ft)Height, m (ft)Floor Area, m² (ft²)
3 m (9.84 ft)2.4 m (7.87 ft)4.5 m² (48.44 ft²)
3.5 m (11.48 ft)2.8 m (9.19 ft)6.2 m² (66.74 ft²)
3.6 m (11.81 ft)2.14 m (7.02 ft)9.81 m² (105.59 ft²)
4.5 m (14.76 ft)2.67 m (8.76 ft)15.34 m² (165.12 ft²)
5 m (16.4 ft)3 m (9.84 ft)18.84 m² (202.79 ft²)
6 m (19.69 ft)3 m (9.84 ft)28.26 m² (304.19 ft²)
7 m (22.97 ft)3.5 m (11.48 ft)38.47 m² (414.09 ft²)
7 m (22.97 ft)4.15 m (13.62 ft)37.14 m² (399.77 ft²)
8 m (26.25 ft)3.86 m (12.66 ft)50.18 m² (540.13 ft²)
9 m (29.53 ft)4.35 m (14.27 ft)63.51 m² (683.62 ft²)
10 m (32.81 ft)5 m (16.4 ft)78.50 m² (844.97 ft²)
11 m (36.09 ft)5.5 m (18.04 ft)94.99 m² (1,022.46 ft²)
12 m (39.37 ft)6 m (19.69 ft)113.04 m² (1,216.75 ft²)
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