We provide you with connectors and struts for your self assembly structures or connector-only DIY kits. STAR connectors are connecting elements designed to construct a complex spatial structure quickly. Our STAR connectors and struts are designed in 3D space and manufactured using CNC equipment. This ensures fast and accurate installation of structures of your dreams!
STAR connectors come in three types:

STAR HOBBY – for smaller structures of up to 5 meter diameter. Perfect for your garden scaping hobby, summer garden pod construction, which can be turned into kids playground, your garden office, relaxation room or anything you imagine. It can be a greenhouse or even be a mini model, or prototype of a bigger structure you will once build. 

STAR CLASSIC  – for small to medium structures of 3 to 12 meter diameter. Suitable for construction of pavilions, pergolas, gazebos, support structures for climbing plants, greenhouses, garden domes, summer houses, outdoor buildings and other structures.

STAR PRO – for large diameter and height structures of up to 30 meter diameter, where particular strength is required. Suitable for construction of spacious event domes, residential houses or load-bearing structures of a building structure. For PRO projects, consider consulting our specialists before choosing this type.

STAR DIY set included:
  1. STAR Connectors 
  2. Screws set. (M5x40; steel / wood)
  3. Bits for screws.
  4. Specification of STAR Connectors.
  5. Scheme for wood cutting.
  6. Scheme for assembling dome frame.
  7. Safe packing.
What comes in the box?

With your purchase you receive a box full of goods:

  • STAR connectors (amount varies by the size of the order)
  • Screw set (steel or wood, bits included)
  • Technical information and specification of STAR connectors
  • Schematics for wood cutting (if needed)
  • Schematics for assembling

You will also receive online material and online help (if needed), which will allow you to build your dome with your own hands!

What types of structures can I build?

You can build any shape dome you like and cover it however you like! Our domes are frame constructions, therefore any type of covers, suitable for frame constructions, are suitable for our domes.

All possible dome geometries can be found here >>

What materials can I choose from?

There are many options available – contact us for assistance.

 Choosing full stainless steel construction grants you Lifetime Anti-corrosion Warranty!

*Warranty is provided for stainless steel AISI STAR connectors, screws, and AISI struts, or AISI STAR connectors, screws, and FIBER struts.

STAR connector types:Struts types:
STAR AISI – stainless steel connectors, with stainless steel or wood screws.Oak wooden struts – Planed surface oak hardwood, natural color, available with or without additional coatings (oil, stain, paint, varnish).
STAR RAL – powder-painted steel connectors, with galvanized or stainless steel or wood screws. You can pick any color.Impregnated wooden struts – deep impregnation wood, resistant to constant moisture. Planed surface, natural color. Durable, moisture-resistant.
STAR ZN – zinc coated steel connectors, with galvanized or wood screws.AISI struts – stainless steel profiles, completely corrosion resistant. The surface is polished, matte.
ALU RAL struts – aluminum profiles, completely corrosion resistant. Powder-painted in any RAL palette color.
ZN struts – galvanized steel profiles, corrosion-resistant.
Pay attention to:

  • The struts and STAR connectors must be selected based on loads of the structure. Weight of covers, suspension equipment, wind, snow and rainwater are important factors.
  • The strongest and most durable constructions are when STAR units are used in two layers – one unit on the outside of the frame, the other on the inside.
  • It is not recommended to build STAR ZN with ZN struts 100 m and closer to the sea. Salty water accelerates the corrosion of zinc parts.

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