Rooftop Terrace Glass Dome D3,5m in Vilnius, Lithuania
About the Project

We have designed  and installed two beautiful residential buildings domes for Namu pynes project, 3.5 meter diameter domes on a communal roof terrace are great for building residents’ cozy gatherings, where neighbours can enjoy city views at all times, have cozy chit-chat evenings, celebrate private events and watch the beautiful sunsets. Robust metal construction domes provide shelter from rain, wind and snow making it suitable for all seasons. The most popular EIKA project in 2019!

Namu Pynes building project, communal rooftop terrace for residents
Zirmunai district, Vilnius, Lithuania
by Eikos Statyba
T-STAR system steel painted RAL, tempered glass
rooftop dome, roof terrace glass dome, residential building dome, geodesic dome isohedron
3.5 m.
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