Protective Geodesic Aluminum Glass Dome D23m – Merkine, Lithuania
About the Project

A huge geodesic dome shines in the forests of Lithuanian National Park. Dome is protecting the holy pyramid which is a popular pilgrimage site. Thousands of people visit this unusual setting every year. Being there at the time of prayer and meditation they gain positive energy, regain spiritual balance and are pleased with an improved state of their physical health.

The holy pyramid was the very first object of this sacred site. Yet later a number of visitors grew rapidly all year round, so it was decided to cover the pyramid to have a possibility to practice during all seasons. And the idea about protective dome occurred.

Since the pyramid was made only from aluminium, the construction of the protective dome was from only aluminium details too: struts, hubs and even the nuts and bolts are custom made. The idea was to avoid any iron or steel parts which could disturb and distort cosmic waves.

The frame is covered with tempered 10 mm glass with 100 mcr UV stop membrane. Membrane stops 96% of UV ray energy making the dome much more useful during the hottest days of summer.

Protective Geodesic Glass Dome
Merkinė, Lithuania
Protective dome
Surface area:
1000 m2
23 m
13 m
Floor area:
415 m²
Glass panels:
720 (22 Types)
10 mm tempered glass with 96% UV stop film
Bearing structure:
Aluminium T profiles
Hub system:
Aluminium T-STAR hubs
Glass triangle
Aluminium profile
T-STAR hub
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