Summer Restaurant QUADRO Dome 13.5m x 8.82m – Vilnius, Lithuania
About the Project

Located in the center part of Vilnius, the Vingis park boasts a beautiful pine forest with trails for active lifestyle lovers and families with children. It is perfect for cycling, scooter riding, and jogging. Visitors can also refresh themselves and relax at many of Vingis park cafes and restaurants. Since it can be rainy in Vilnius, our QUADRO Dome offers perfect shelter from bad weather. 

The sheltered outdoor restaurant and event spaces helped many hospitality industry businesses to survive the darkest times of pandemics. The QUADRO dome is a free-form structure that perfectly shields from sun, rain, or wind and allows the customers to enjoy their refreshing drinks and lunch or dinner menu. Can be used as a restaurant or event dome. 

Project price: 13,000 euros

Vilnius, Lithuania
Restaurant, event dome
Dome cover:
White and transparent PVC tarpaulin combination
Structure type:
Wood structure with STAR connectors
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