Sauna Glass Dome Ø3,5m – Kongen Marina, Oslo, Norway
VikingDomes_Sauna Dome_Kongen Marina_SLIDER
SAUNA Dome – classic sauna in a modern shell

Kongen Marina Beach Club & Restaurant is a special place in Oslo, Norway, where guests can feel free from the city’s hustle and bustle. The place offers its guests a unique and pleasant experience – a floating sauna in a glass sphere by VikingDomes! It is an excellent attraction for the visitors, allowing them to have an unforgettable day – relax, take a sauna, swim, and enjoy magnificent city views.

The floating sauna dome is made from planed oak struts with stainless steel connectors and is covered with tempered glass. It also features a glass door with stainless steel frame.

SAUNA Dome is a combination of old classics, unique design & modern technologies. Suitable for public and private use. When used for public exploitation, the sauna can come with optional modules, which are equipped with sanitary units and changing rooms. There are 2 sizes of modules – smaller when used by two and larger for multi-sauna complex. Modules are manufactured with the interior decoration and plumbing. Delivered to the installation site fully ready to use, mounted on a prepared base.

It can be mounted on a wooden terrace or any other hard surface;
SAUNA Dome is coated with a safe tempered glass;
Frame is made from natural oak or ash and hidden stainless-steel joints;
Tempered glass panel on a wooden frame;
Hardwood is being planned off and left unpainted.

Natural circulation of hot air inside the sauna – hot air rises upwards evenly and cools going down alongside the walls of the sauna. This ensures that the air circulates continuously;

Clean glass ensures connection with nature – you are closer to nature, but you protected from its effects;

The aerodynamically efficient shape ensures that wind and snow bypass the dome. At the time the sauna is turned on the snow residue melt quickly;

What is more, it is a friendly design – the geometry of the sphere is copied from nature and is closer to nature than traditional buildings. Perfect for both traditional landscapes and urban areas.

External walls options

Frosted glass facade with LED lightning. Mostly used in urban areas;

Mirrored glass facade. Best suited for nature, mirrors reflect the environment and the object disappears in the environment;

Wooden facade with cladding or planks. Simple traditional execution;

Tin facade. Large selection of colors.

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