Our connectors are designed to construct a dome or any other spatial structure in a matter of hours. Now you can easily set up your dome yourself! STAR connecting elements are used to connect carcass details of various types such as wood, steel, aluminum, fiber.

STAR kits are sold with a DIY manual. For more on DIY click here.

VikingDome manufactures three types of STAR connectors:

STAR Pro – for large diameter and height structures of up to 30 meter diameter, where particular strength is required. Suitable for construction of spacious event domes, residential houses, or load-bearing structures of a building structure. For PRO projects, consider consulting with our team. 


STAR CLassic – for small to medium structures of 3 to 12 meter diameter. Suitable for construction of pavilions, roofs, pergolas, gazebos, support structures for garden flowers, greenhouses, garden domes, summer houses, outdoor buildings and other structures.


STAR Hobby – for smaller structures of up to 5 meter diameter. Perfect for your garden-scaping hobby, summer garden pod construction, which can be turned into a kids playground, your garden office, relaxation room or anything you imagine.  

 CUSTOM DESIGN – we also manufacture customized decorative connectors! There are no limits –  we can fulfill your own connector design.

STAR connectors are made of:
  • STAR AISI – stainless steel- AISI304 and AISI316. Anti-corrosion class C5. 
  • STAR RAL – powder-painted steel. Anti-corrosion class C2, C3, C4.
  • STAR ZN – zinc coated steel. Anti-corrosion class C4.


Stainless steel connectors come with a Lifetime Warranty!

Attachment methods to wooden struts:

Connectors only from the inside. For small structures where the exterior coating requires a smooth surface. Best for PVC tarpaulin coating, OSB, or uncoated.

Connectors only from the outside. For small structures where it is essential to have an assembly outside due to design or other requirements.

Double-sided mounting. For strong and durable constructions, suitable for structures of all sizes.

Concealed mounting. For various structures where great aesthetics are required.

Frame elements – struts:


  • Natural wood. Planed surface, suitable for indoor or short-term constructions.
  • Varnished wood. Planed surface of various colors.
  • Impregnated wood. Planed surface, natural green color. Durable, moisture-resistant, can be used outdoors without additional coating or water-proofing. The wood fades and darkens due to exposure to the sun, but the aesthetic image remains beautiful.
  • Thermal wood.  Nordic pine or spruce treated with high heat and steam. Suitable for small, decorative outdoor structures without high loads, such as support for climbing plants. Treated wood becomes extremely durable, of improved dimensional stability and thermal insulation. 
  • Oak wood.  Planed surface, natural color, available with or without additional coatings (oil, stain, paint, varnish). For durable construction, as it is resistant to outdoor conditions and withstands high structural loads.

According to your request, we can produce struts from any type of wood!


  • AISI struts. Stainless steel profiles, completely corrosion resistant. AISI304 or AISI316. The surface is polished, matte. Anti-corrosion class C5.
  • ALU RAL struts. Aluminum profiles, completely corrosion resistant. Powder-painted in any RAL palette color. Anti-corrosion class C2, C3, C4.
  • ZN struts. Zinc galvanized steel profiles. Cold bending galvanized profiles are corrosion resistant. Anti-corrosion class C4.
  • METAL struts Cast iron. Powder-painted in any RAL palette color.
  • FIBER struts. Lightweight and durable.

Lifetime Warranty for stainless steel parts!

STAR connectors are perfect for:
  • Gardenscaping, decorative garden structures, pergolas, supports for climbing plants
  • Orangeria, greenhouse
  • Meditation tent, yoga space
  • Hot tub, pool cover, SPA pavillion
  • Garden house, treehouse, kids playground, game space
  • Summer or residential house
  • Beach bar, event pavilion
  • Wedding hall
  • Luminaires, interior elements, sculptures
Pay attention to:
  • The struts and STAR connectors must be selected based on loads of the structure. Weight of covers, indoor equipment, wind, snow and rainwater are important factors.
  • It is not recommended to build STAR ZN with ZN struts 100 m and closer to the sea. Salty water accelerates the corrosion of zinc parts.

Choosing stainless steel only construction grants you lifetime anti-corrosion guarantee! *Guarantee is provided for stainless steel AISI STAR connectors, screws, and AISI struts, or AISI STAR connectors, screws and FIBER struts. 

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